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Useful tactics.

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1Useful tactics. Empty Useful tactics. on Tue Dec 29, 2009 5:27 am

There's plently of tactics to play both vampires (no chatting about 1.10 here) in all stupid versions. Major for vampires excluding gold bugs (see bugs topic) is one tank and another dealing massive damage. Vampire with damage should deal mostly with slayers, few hits are those are dead. Main thing is a fact, that no slayers = no gold, so harass as much as it's possible. It's enough for one Vamp to get loaded with 6x +80 damage claws, in total it's massive damage, including a fact, that humans won't have much gold it's a lot. Another vamp should in the beginning carry only Rings of regeneration, and always attack first. Not many players will think of swapping the target, and in case of a proper mass it's just impossible. Later tank can consider other items, but advice is, to do this when attacker is full with +80's.

When playing humans I don't suggest building a base in nearly no versions, unless it's 1.09. In all SDK shits and near-based on SDK maps i suggest only slayer pump. It's far too easy to get UZS (ultimate zero stone) and such deals even more than it says. It's too easy to get one of those, it's enough to one vamp die and leave, or just feed a lot. Back then it might be a bit to late to begin pump, as you've already wasted large amount of wood for defence which probably isn't going to stop a vampire. Even if you will hold back a vamp with 1 uzs, make note that others won't, and he will get another one pretty much soon. My suggestion, only pump slayers, especially in versions with more than one lumber base. It's just a massive amount of wood, and well pumped slayer is a lot better defence than multimilion base.

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2Useful tactics. Empty 1.10 tactics on Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:02 am

As many of you know I paid a lot of efford to enable players to battle out through a plently of tactics in 1.10 and so far I believe I did a good job. In here you can find a quite few good tactics to play both Vamps and Humans.

Tactics fit Alpha v1.1

Vampires are vital to share responsibilities, both maxing income upgrade then pumping one massively into damage, another one tanking. Some basics are very useful like Shadowrun attack, to let another vamp attack a wall, and become the next one doing it from invisibility level. This will enable to attack single wall together. Claws of Fury should be only used with a massive damage, as naked Vampire with critical strike isn't very powerful. In case of a massive tower mass it's a good idea to consider potions, especially of armor on a tanking Vampire, and get striker to deal most of the damage. Humans won't switch towers (if a lot) very fast, and untill someone will use Northern Blessing (switching all towers onto target Vampire) might lose a wall, and in final count even a base. In case when human workers are carrying a lightning orb it is wise to hire a Lost Soul (shade) who's got a disarm ability disarming ranged attack from builder. It is an AoE spell to allow humans themselves to avoid it. Very good item to buy is a Shadow Wand, especially when soloing a game. Talisman of Damage is allowing to hunt slayers lot easier due to it's magic shield ability and disarms magic damage from zero towers, mega walls and speed towers if upgraded into magic damage. It is vital to do shopping on invisibility as humans can see Vampires shops. Blood potions (invunerablity) have no cooldown on them, but due to balance issues I had to disable acceptance of extra buffs on both invunerablity and magic shield. Must make note, that humans can buy a Mysterious Herbs to make Vampire to drop Blood Potions on the ground which will enable humans to destroy them. Slayer hunting is a must, but you never should take too much risk, as one step too far can cost you a life, and in the end a lose.

Humans should always team up, as even working on a solo base you deal only 40% extra damage, teaming up provides much more than that. If humans still decide to solo, it is a good idea for only one player to research speed towers and maximise gun powder, as itll cost lot less to mass speeds of everyone else's base. Speeds aren't always a good idea, quite few spots have a lacking amount of space and due to that it is lot better to research range towers and a proper stake arrow upgrade. Players should always share responsibilities, one waller, one doing towers, and what's most concerning, it is a good idea in the beginning to sacrifice your life to become a shade, which allows his team to have a massive amount room by using special abilities. Team always should consider buying items for both builders and slayers to help them to survive Vampire harassment. Builder motivation is a must!
With a good teaming up and both banishing and entangling slayer harassment will not be an easy task for even good vampires, so keep watching your slayers and watch Vampires to make decisions quick, your base is tend to lose if you neglect it.

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3Useful tactics. Empty Re: Useful tactics. on Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:56 pm

Excuse me sir but if, like happened to me, ppl play with slayers level 1 and farm 2 golds per day? ofc they gett MUCH slower inc but also vamps are outfed too,

help plz i dunno wanna make such mistakes again Very Happy

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4Useful tactics. Empty Re: Useful tactics. on Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:27 pm

If people harvest gold with level 1-2 slayers then they are so easy target for any thinking vamp, that soon they will get no gold.

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5Useful tactics. Empty Re: Useful tactics. on Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:19 am

Can Vampires win without killing slayers at all?

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6Useful tactics. Empty Re: Useful tactics. on Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:54 am

They can, very easily. Simply maxing income upgrade and owning whatever is alive.

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