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Vamp zero A12 1.05b (before and above) bugs.

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1Vamp zero A12 1.05b (before and above) bugs. Empty Vamp zero A12 1.05b (before and above) bugs. on Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:07 am

There is a number of bugs in many Vamp Zero versions when most of them are well aimed for Vamps.

First of them is a gold bug for Vampires, in all versions from A12 v.1 to 1.05 when Vampires will type -no minions and kill someone they shall recieve a constant gold bonus of 250 per message of ally killed, this message never stops (unless you type -minions on). Also need to make a note, that most a15 and a17 versions, no matter how are those called, they are affected by this bug, as they are based on flat a12.

Another, well known is lumber bug is in Vampirism Zero Naga, but note, that there is a number of versions, it's all about playing version where lb2 costs 1k wood. Once upgraded to lb3 (lb2 = 1k, lb3 = 2k) for 3k wood, and when destroyed provides with 5.5k refund, 2k extra for free, seems not much, do it plently of times, you'll see why it's useful. It's also useful on noob versions like Vamp Zero reloaded .99 made by noobish clan HD. Remember, you don't need to wait untill it's upgraded to level 3, destroy it just after you start upgrade.

Yet another bug, this time in all SDK and other shitty edits. On Vampires need to buy shades, 2 each player, for instance, I am dark green, when my shade dies, my ally - brown recieves 1.5k gold like it was me killed. All you need to do is just wait for someone to research a magic sentry for his mega wall, and spam shades as long as you want. So... Keep scouting. If you know any other, massive bugs, paste them here.

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Good to know them. Will be useful wrecking up few noobish sdk games Very Happy

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Good to know them Very Happy


Very Happy

Some versions of SDK if humans buy soul enchant, towers get 500% speed increase instead of 5%

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