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Teamheal vs Allyheal

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1Teamheal vs Allyheal Empty Teamheal vs Allyheal on Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:52 am


i don't know if u got my message, so i write it here detailed.

Lineup: 2 Vamps, that can play together

version 1: both got teamheal on LvL 1
--> if both attack and both heal, every vampire is heald by 1000.

version 2: both got allyheal on LvL 1
--> if both attack and both heal, every vampire is heald by 700.

So i want to say, that the ally heal isnt strong.
on the contrary its weaker:
- maximum heal is lower than teamheal for both
- if 1 vamp dies, its a gg. with teamheal it isnt.
- its harder to play with allyheal

i think, allyheal should be pumped. its really not that easy to handle this spell. it requires perfect teamplay.

i'd suggest lower mana cost, or shorter cooldown, or more healpower.

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2Teamheal vs Allyheal Empty Re: Teamheal vs Allyheal on Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:00 pm

Well, at some point you misunderstand the idea of ally healing only. Purpose was to share responsibilities. If one Vampire is a damage dealer, it's him that will be attacked in the first place, not a tank. He needs more healing than a tank, as tank himself will simply stay longer because of an armor and regeneration. See that:

Damage Dealer = level 6 Veins of Blood = 3.6k hp
Tank = level 6 Blood Externity = 4,2k hp

Normal system with Bloodlines gives 2 x 3k hp. More hp gives an opportunity to stay longer in the front of the wall, what if:

Tank heals first for 4.2k hp, Damage dealer still attacks, uses his own healing, some time passes by, tank can heal him again because they have 1.8k hp on forward of Bloodlines healing. Healings are meant to be mixed with an idea. Just as a pure fact of having few possible it doesn't mean that both Vamps are supposed to use ally healing only, that wouldn't be smart. I just shown you a way to use it wiser. Think of other ways yourself.

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3Teamheal vs Allyheal Empty Re: Teamheal vs Allyheal on Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:55 am

ok i have to say, i interpreted the spell wrong =)

i thought it as a spell, which is great for teamplayers, that can manage to heal each other.

mhm under these circumstances its not stupid, but hard in beginning, when vamps have no items.

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