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Items review

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1Items review Empty Items review on Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:33 pm

There is a number of items added in VZP which enables humans and vampires to support a constant battlefield on the map. I shall write a bit more about items.
I shall begin with Vampires:

Items review Skill-2
Dracula Secret Talisman;
A Major Vampire Boost. Boosts basicly everything a mid-game Vampire needs, +50 movement speed, 40% attack speed, 40 hitpoint regeneration and a True Strike ability that makes his attacks to never miss.

Items review Hornofdoom
Vampire Fang;
This item even if doesn't look like is very important. Slayers with a high levels are very hard to kill, and if a chance arises it's usually one of arenas. Vampire will need a lifesteal to help him battle his way through to survive in arena, and especially if combinated with Talisman of Damage this lifesteal is a pain in the arse. Apart from 15% lifesteal also provides 20 hitpoint regeneration, +50 damage and boosts attack speed by 50%.

Items review Icon
Talisman of Damage;
With it's Magic Shield ability is one of the main items. 30 seconds effect time and 60 seconds cooldown. Provides 180 damage, 35 armor and 20 hitpoints regeneration. Good to use against spells and magic damage. Very good if someone researched Fiery Powder on his Speed Towers. All potions can be used upon Magic Shield. Magic Shield's duration will be decreased by a half of it's remaining duration if attacker is holding a Lightning Orb.

Items review Icon
Soul Ring;
This item is finding himself the best against a massive amount of towers. If Vampires are sharing responsibilities it's obviously item for a tank, not for damage dealer as it provides a chance to evade 15% attacks. Also provides 20 hitpoints regeneration and 35 armor.

Items review Shamanmaster
Claws of Fury;
15% chance to deal 3x normal damage. Best to use this weapon together with high damage impact, critical strike might be deadly. Good combination with Potion of Damage and Rock Smasher. Apart from Critical Strike privodes +100 damage and 20 hitpoints regeneration.

Items review Witchdoctoradept
Shadow Wand;
This is an ultimate anti-speed tower item. With only one cast you can disable them all for 10 seconds. Casting range is 1000 and area of effect is 350. With a proper damage impact many walls can be down by this time. Include some Blood Potions to increase the loses on enemy side. Also adds +80 damage, +30 damage and boosts mana regeneration by 200%.

Items review Icon
Vampire soulstone;
Same stuff like Ultimate Zero Stone, but... This one instead of boost of 5000 hitpoints is loaded with Dispel ability costing 50 mana per buff removed. Doesn't remove Entangling Roots and Silence. Also provides +360 damage, 100 hitpoints regeneration and +95 armor.

Items review Bonechimes
Talisman of Lost Hope;
Very good item, loads stronger than Vampire Soulstone, loaded with Finger of Death dealing 500 damage in range of 1000. Apart from that provides +1000 damage, 200 armor and 10000 hitpoints. That is a proper siege item, as each visit in both Slayer or Gold arena makes him to lose same percent of hitpoints anyway, and rescue healing might provide even less effect than before.

Items review Skill-0
Soul of the Vampire King;
This is an Ultimate Item. Many people believe this item means game over for humans. That is basicly wrong. With only this item very well loaded Slayer can easily cope, easily enough means 5 Heaven Keys and a Frostguard. Item is loaded with +5000 to all stats, Spell Immunity and a Silence ability that silences every enemy in area of effect of 3000 with casting range of 2500. Lasts 55 seconds and have 60 seconds cooldown. Very not recommended to visit slayers in gold or slayer arena with this item, as on this point of the game they are probably wearing Frostguards and if Knights, then have Bash. 10% hitpoits a second might be very deadly.

Items review Minorrejuvpotion
Potion of Damage;
Increases base damage by 500% for 30 seconds, can be dispeled with Lightning Orb. Very useful item if mixed with Blood Potion and/or Potion of Armor.

Items review Healing
Potion of Armor;
Increases armor of the Vampire by 200 for 30 seconds. Very good item even in late game for main tank when amount of armor isn't enough and a Lightning Orb carried has been Disarmed. This also can be dispeled by an attack of unit carrying Lightning Orb.

Items review INV_Potion_41.blp
Blood Potion;
Once used provides Vampire with invunerablity which can be well combinated with other potions. There is no way to remove invunerablity but Mysterious Herbs can make Vampire to drop and have one potion destroyed.


Items review Orbofdarkness
Holy Water Orbs;
Very powerful buffers. Reducing Vampire armor by 33, 66 or 132 depending on what orb is a carrier manipulating. Armor doesn't affect Vampires health penalty in Slayer or Gold arena, but makes him to suffer higher damage from all tower and hero attacks. It's very good to put one of those in Zero Tower to make Vampire to take damage from the very early stage of the siege.

Items review Orboflightning
Lightning Orb;
Looks crappy, but apart from the look and price this is probably the most important item humans can buy. Dispels a number of buffs Vampire would be very keen to have. It is highly recommended to hold this item on builder only, as any other attacks, either from a Mega Wall or Zero Tower are magic attacks and those can be blocked by Magic Shield from Talisman of Damage, and Vampire may use this leak in defence with no mercy.

Items review Orbofvenom
Garlic Orb;
Slows Vampire's movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 45%. It's a good idea to put this orb into a Zero Tower, to again, make Vampire to suffer from the very beginning of the siege.

Items review Orboffrost
Frost Orb;
Slows Vampire's movement speed by 45% and attack speed by 25%. Yet again it's a good idea to put this orb into a Zero Tower, to yet again, make Vampire to suffer from the very beginning of the siege.

Items review ShimmerWeed-jaeil468
Mysterious Herbs;
Provides really powerful ability to destroy one of Blood Potions Vampire is carrying. Once bought contains three charges. Spell has casting range of 1000.

Items review Dotadepttraining
Northern Blessing;
Actually an a anti-tank item. If you control a base with a massive amount of towers, and a damage dealer is happily owning your walls perhaps consider having this item, as it switches all towers to attack targeted Vampire. Manual switching of a very high number of towers might take far too long, and counting that a tank will sooner or later will lose his all health may doom you. Has casting range of 1000.

Items review Icon
Spider Ring;
Provides Wind Walk ability that makes hero invisible for 15 seconds with 60 seconds cooldown. Needs 150 mana to cast. Very good item if you want to buy some extra seconds to level hero up, and/or to run away nearly dead.

Items review Icon
Bracelett of Power;
Provides Avatar ability making you immune to spells for 10 seconds with 60 seconds cooldown. There is a wide range of ways to use this item. Is undroppable during cooldown.

Items review Unholyfervor
Ghostly Helm;
Creates one image of a hero that takes normal damage but deals no damage. Image lasts 25 seconds. Requires 50 mana to cast. Very good skill to fool the Vampire. On a high level games everyone should wear one in case slayers are attacked in one of arenas.

Items review Priestadept
Wand of Holy Light;
This is actually an anti siege item. Once casted on Vampire makes him to miss 50% of his attacks for 10 seconds. Has casting range of 1000 and 30 seconds cooldown.

Items review INV_Misc_Key_03.blp
Heavens Key;
Major Slayer Boost, provides with +380 damage, +95 armor, 5000 health bonus and a 65 hitpoints regeneration. Stack of 5 is nearly guarantees unownable hero.

Items review BTNThoriumMelee
A legendary sword that provides 10% chance to stun a Vampire for one second. Also provides +300 damage bonus. This item is a must in late game if you aren't controlling a Knight.

Items review Mithrilforgedswords
Anger of Gods;
Vampirism Zero VZP wrote:The most powerful weapon the world has ever known and a weapon no Vampire can ever challenge.
Ultimate weapon that provides ultimate skills. Ultimate Speed, Power of Heaven - a Critical Strike with a 50% chance to deal 10x normal damage, if Mistress is carrying, Critical Strike is disabled. In addition, provides +25000 damage. Just to make things clear, better get more hitpoints to follow with this item or at least a Bracelett of Power. At this stage of the game when you can afford this item, Vampire's ultimate stun (soul corruption or corrupting stomp)will give him more than enough time to own you with even 6 of them.


Items review Slam
Rock Smasher;
This item is availible for both Humans and Vampires from Corrupted Merchant which can be summoned for 20 seconds by Vanquished Builder. Rock Smasher have only one ability, Rock Smash which enables caster to deal 2x normal damage to fortified armor for 20 seconds with 60 seconds cooldown. Is undroppable during cooldown.

Items review Multicast
Ventegeful Staff;
Provides Taunt ability which is just great for few heroes. Especially tanks should carry this item to save int's lives, but Vampires might take an opportinity having this item as well. Item itself casts upon 450 range and has 60 seconds cooldown.

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