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1Bans/Request Empty Bans/Request on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:42 pm

Hello, wankers.
I made that topic for everyone, in here I'll try to explain for what you can be banned, and how can you be unbanned.

Let's start with "How you can be banned" or "For what you can be".
It's very easy to get banned, but we don't ban for free.

1. If you left lobby when it's almost full house without any reason, you will be banned. Banned as "noob"

2. If you leave lobby during the countdown, you will be banned as "countdown leaver".

3. Leaving game during loading or every beginning, you will be banned as #point 2#.

4. Map hacking, probably obvious. Banned and kicked from game as "cheater".

5. Being totally nerd, well in here I would like to explain something, If we see that someone can't play BUT he's smart, he's listening to us, he will be not banned, but if we see that someone is totally DEAF, stupid, or brainless then he's banned as "noob" or even "extreme noob".

6. Thiefs, probably obvious. Banned and kicked from game as "extreme noob".

7. Vanquished Builder, well you died your Vanq, that's true that you can do what ever you want while being it, but there are some limits, for example making gold half HP, when it's almost down. We understood mistakes, but if you keep doing it, don't except long reaction from our side.

That's enough for now.

Requests: (example)
"How can I be unbanned?!"
"Why did you ban me?!"

So guys it's very easy to be unbanned, if you remember your last game, and you know what you have done wrong, type ONE request in this topic for unban. We can unban almost all, except:
"extreme noob"
"countdown leaver"

If you are once unbanned, and banned again, don't ever thing to type in here.

This is the only topic where you can type requests.
One thing more, post in here ONCE.

I'll edit that topic, if I'll get some new ideas.

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