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1Hero Reviews Empty Hero Reviews on Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:33 am

For now there is a number of heroes availble for humans. I shall write a few things about them heroes here.

Hero Reviews Icons_5818_btn
Agility based hero. She is actually a link between all classes using her banish skill. Learns Evasion, Banish and Critical Strike. Using her banish skill she can enable humans to deal extra damage to Vampire or to give him a possibility to use current banishment to heal himself with a lot larger power. Any time Mistress banishes a Vampire, everyone else should use his own spells on the Vampire. She can also combinate a speedtowers Fiery Powder upgrade changing damage type from chaos into magic, which will enable magic attacks to deal double damage.

Hero Reviews BTNTheCaptain
Strength based hero. Casts slow, Lightning Shield and Fist of Heavens. Lightning Shield when casted on a hero unit next to banished Vampire will deal a massive amount of damage to him. His slow spell is quite good to slow Vampire down, but useless during a siege because it doesn't slow down the attack speed. Fist of Heavens, his ultimate skill deals a huge amount of damage - equal to 25% of Vampire hitpoints which can also be increased if casted on banished Vampire.

Hero Reviews Icons_4269_btn
Strength based hero. Casts Entangling Roots, uses Thorns Aura and Bash. Most important skill obviously is Entangling Roots, once casted on banished Vampire will deal a proper damage and also immobilizes Vampire for a short period of time which means, if casted on Vampire in gold arena it will make him to suffer extra damage from arena itself. Aura has range of 300 and s quite useful for everyone. Because of aura Knight should always stay in the middle of the party. Bash is a quite important skill because with a decent attack speed he can be a very hard enemy to kill.

Hero Reviews Kael
Intelligence based hero. Casts Mana Blast, Mana Shield and Silence. You believe it or not, it's harder to kill him than it looks like. Once leveled enough, to like 20 level using his mana shield ability it's a nightmare to kill him. Especially if loaded with some intelligence bonus items. His Mana Blast spell is quite good to slow Vampires down which also deals some damage and can be combinated with banish and also his Silence ability once casted in a right moment can make them do eventually die once were trying to heal in arena.

Hero Reviews Huntress
Agility based hero. Casts Spirit Link, Shadow Strike and uses Deadly Strike. Spirit Link is a quite rescue skill to be used to either save somebody's life or to spread damage in the very early stages of the combat. Shadow Strike deals magic damage which can be combinated with banish will deal some extra damage and slow Vampire down. Deadly Strike provides her with a 1% chance to instantly kill the Vampire. This should be constantly used whenever chance araises, blink to the Vampire, hit few times, run away. Who knows...

Hero Reviews Spellbreaker
Agility based hero. Casts Net, Dodge and uses Holy Dust. Net works like an Entangling Roots, but doesn't deal damage and Vampire can still attack, instead holds Vampire a bit longer. Net can be dispeled with Vampire Soulstone. Dodge can be used to shift out of existance and remain untargettable for a short period of time. Ultimate skill, Holy Dust works like immolation dealing 3% damage to the Vampire which also can be increased if combinated with Banish.

Hero Reviews Priest
Intelligence based hero. Casts Frost Nova, Mirage and Fire Devastation. Frost Nova is able to deal good amount of damage and also slows Vampire using cold effect for as long as ability lasts. Can be combinated with Banish to deal more damage. Mirage can be used on self or friendy hero to dramatically increase it's armor. Fire Devastation can deal a massive amount of damage on a well pumped Elementalist. It will costs his entire mana to deal damage equal to half of mana amount, which can also be increased to deal deadly damage once combinated with Banish. Ability won't work if Elementalist isn't on 100% mana. This hero is a very easy target to kill.

Hero Reviews Icons_11487_btn
Shadow Priestess;
Once a Mistress, but bitten as a Vampire became a hybrid which is a very powerful hero in this battle. Intelligence based hero, casts Blind Vision, Deadly Link and Vampiric Comparison. Blind Vision is both defensive and offensive spell, temporaily provides her with Vampire vision and increases her movement speed by 40% and stops all Vampire actions. Deadly Link deals magic damage with a very long range which can deal a proper amount of damage and also stops all Vampire actions. Vampiric Comparison creates a link with Vampire and swaps her hitpoints with him. Amount of hitpoints won't reach over her maximum hitpoints, though this spell will be deadly if casted in any arena on a very low hitpoints amount.

Hero Reviews Icons_4719_btn
Strength based hero, casts Seamans Will, uses Round Shield and Ivory Wave. Seamans Will is a very good offensive spell, deals some damage and slows Vampire's movement down, what's most important, this spell will also make all Vampires to hold position for as long, as Vampire player will notice that he is actually holding position. Round Shield is a passive ability that periodically can block a Soul Corruption. Ivory Wave is a very powerful spell which makes Viking literally unattackable as long as buff lasts, but has one weakness as well, once Viking is hit with Soul Corruption which isn't blocked by Round Shield, Ivory Wave effect is lost.

Hero Reviews Icons_11485_btn
Strength based hero. Uses Cursed Shield, casts Sandstorm and morphs into a Scorpion. Cursed Shield once maxed provides Nomad with possibility to deal extra magic damage equal to 15% of Vampire hitpoints. This can be increased with loads of luck when Vampire has Unholy Shield, is standing next to Nomad with Banish. Two attacks returned can kill him instantly. Sandstorm is a quite good offensive spell just because it ignores magic shield and cannot be dispeled, but due to this adventage casting range is reduced to 400. His ultimate is very strong - morphs into a Scorpion with magic damage, ultimate speed and ultimate attack speed. Once mixed with banished Vampire is a guaranteed death, but will not attack Vampire with Magic Shield. This lasts only 10 seconds so must be used wise as well.

Hero Reviews Icons_11698_btn
Strength based hero. Uses Vortex Shield which can be loaded with many charges capable blocking enemy attacks. Number of charges cannot extend level of Pikeman. Ethereal Force can be mixed with Banish to deal extra damage and also slows down Vampires. Ethereal Force slow cannot be removed and will ignore Magic Shield. His ultimate will kill Vampire instantly if his soul is protected by Reincarnation. This is very important spell, makes Vampire to instantly lose his protection.

Hero Reviews Icons_8958_btn
Storm Shaman;
Intelligence based hero. Uses tornado which can make him a hard target to kill due to 75% evasion, his chain Lightning Skill damage can be increased using Mistress's Banish. Chain Lightning hits three targets, but will hit third unit only if it's revealed. His Ultimate skill, Lightning Storm is very powerful as it increases his movement speed by 35% and for 20 seconds deals 1000 magic damage to all enemies in range of 800. Using Banish is highly recommended as well as using Magic Shield on Vampires.

Hero Reviews Icons_11651_btn
Intelligence based hero. Transforms using Pyro, casts Firebolt and Meteor. Transforming into Pyro will cause Vampire to take 25 magic damage for each second of burn duration, but every attack on Firelord transformed into pyro will make him burn for three seconds. Firebolt deals magic damage and extends burn duration by five seconds. Meteor deals a base damage of 10% hitpoints and 0.5% for each second of burn remaining. Great mix with Banish.

Hero Reviews Icons_7675_btn
Gnome Technician;
Intelligence based hero. Plants Mines, Statis Traps and a Motion Controller. Mines deal magic damage equal to a percent of target hero and can be easily avoided by having a magic shield activated. Statis Trap creates electro shock which will slow down any units in range of 400. Statis trap have 1 second effect delay. Motion Controller disallows target Vampire to move away from the device up to range of 300. Motion Controller can be destroyed with five attacks.

Hero Reviews BTNNightElfRunner
Intelligence based hero. Casts Frog Transformation, Envenomed Dart and Spiritual Wall. Using her frog transformation skill she can transform herself into a frog gaining great movement speed bonus and possibility to ignore all obstacles but also loses possibility to attack and cast spells. Envenomed Dart is a very powerful offensive spell due to the poison which slows down Vampire movement speed by 75% for a short period of time. Deals no damage. Spiritual Wall is created around witch in range of 300 which disallows any enemy to get closer to the Witch. Once her soul is corrupted wall is destroyed.

Hero Reviews Shaman
Agility based hero. Uses Claw Block, throws Shuriken and casts Vicious Strike. His claw block is a great defensive passive skill which provides him with a chance to return 100% damage back to the Vampire and taking no damage instead. Shuriken can make him able to immobilize and disarm target for a short period of time. His ultimate skill gives him a chance to deal damage equal to hitpoints which differs him from full hitpoints.

Hero Reviews Bandit
Agility based hero. Casts Destinction, uses Enlight and Avander. Destinction can be cast upon any ally unit to make it temporairly invulnerable but for this price to lose it's ability to attack for as long as buff lasts. Enlight enlights Vampire which deals some damage to him and deals extra damage depending on how long is Vampire enlighted, and due to this fact can be blocked with Magic Shield. Avander is a passive ability which gives possibility to immobilize and disarm Vampire for 1 second with 65% chance. Can be blocked with Talisman of Damage.

Hero Reviews Icons_7405_btn
Strehgth based hero, uses Holy Aura, cast Holy Spiral and Beaming Glare. Holy aura is very useful deffensive and offensive spell, reduced movement speed of all affected enemies by 3% per level which in any arena is a great impact. Holy Spiral passes through enemies and can deal damage to both of them, also can be mixed with Banish as it's magic damage. Beaming Glare is a very powerful spell. Deals 50 damage on first attack and doubles with each next attack. Spell ends if Templar lost the target or Vampire run away in the distance longer than 500. Can be mixed with Banish.

Hero Reviews Icons_7673_btn
Dwarf Defender;
Strength based hero. Casts Thunder Clap, Storm Bolt and Ancestral Power. Thunder Clap is a great defensive spell, reduces enemy movement speed by 60% for 0.1 second for each 1% of his hitpoints lost + 1 second base. With 99% hitpoints lost, duration of 10.9 second and a cooldown of 10 seconds it's a great defensive spell. Storm Bolt deals magic damage and can be very well mixed with Banish. Ancestral Power creates a wave of 5 Thunder Claps which are dealing magic damage equal to 10% of target's hitpoints. Well aimed can damage Vampire for up to 50% his hitpoints. Can be mixed with Banish.

Hero Reviews Icon
Vanquished Builder;
Though this unit isn't a hero his importance in game is very high. His abilities are bringing a lot of randomness into a battlefield. All his abilities can be used for both Vampires and Humans depending on which side Vanq is operating. As a unit he is being shuffled between players once his owner is leaving the game. As a factor of 50% chance per team and then shuffle between players provides each team with exactly the same chance to be granted control over him. A little bit more about him: 700 hitpoints makes him an easy target to be killed with one shot using Ultimate Soul Corruption. Low hitpoints regeneration and slow movement speed is making him even weaker. About skills;

Ethreal Comparison;
Brings Gold Deposit to it's 50% hitpoits. Way of use is simple, either help yourself on Human or make Humans suffer if controling it as a Vampire. This spell reveals Vanq for 5 seconds.

Unitary Glory;

It's basicly a praying skill that can be casted upon one of the monuments in the middle of the map. Due to balance issues Vampires must keep Vanq within flowers by their monument and Vanq can be killed himself once is a target of Sprite Explosion. In the other hand, humans usually have absolutely no chances defending Vanq, that is why Vanq is allowed to leave place of pray until that one is finished or can risk being shot by staying to the right side from the monument where Vampires are unable to hit him with a melee attack. He still can be damaged with Immolation generated by Unholy Shield.

Neverending Sadness;

This spell can work either as a curse or a healing spell, depending on the way of use as it brings all heroes on the map to the state of 50% of their total hitpoints. Humans should keep this spell to lower Vampire's hitpoints once he's attacking a base or entering one of arenas, and Vampires to drop slayers' hitpoits just before visiting them in one of arenas.

Eternal Oblivion;

In case of that one Vampires have much more room than humans simply because it's reseting all ability cooldowns including Vampire Reincarnation. Way of use is actually lot wider, using this Vampires can deal lot higher amount of damage with their Soul Corruption (350 * 4 or even 700 * 4). Meanwhile humans aren't completely powerless, imagine a moment when you are positive you are late for your level-up. Simply reset your blink, and get level you really want. This spell also resets ability cooldowns on items.

Unavailible Salvation;

This spell is basicly a pain in the arse, but at some point is pretty successful. Vampires should use this spell to make humans to lose levels when are staying in arena, best to use just before level-up time, and even better when combinated with an attack on the base. That will take some concentration and in the very end, probably some levels. Humans can use this spell to make Vampire to lose the target for a second which will make him to look dizzy for a second giving them a certain time to settle down a bit. Spell would work the best if Vampire is attacking a main wall using Blood Potion, that will cost him few very important second/s. Is also good for humans to use it when gold deposit is on the very low hitpoints to do the last hit with builder.

Wrath of Unknown;
This spell summons a Corrupted Merchant on a random location of the map. Merchant is selling quite few good items for a pretty decent price. Both sides can buy some extra resources and few good items which will be very good in-use on the battlefield.

Make note! All those spells apart from Unitary Glory are revealing Vanquished Builder for 20 seconds. Unitary Glory reveals for 60 seconds on Humans and as long as pray lasts on Vampires. Also all 5 minutes cooldown spell provide Vanquished Builder with a +10 life bonus.

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