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Vampirism Zero VZP

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1Vampirism Zero VZP Empty Vampirism Zero VZP on Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:27 am

Updated Vampirism Zero VZP version to 4.2
-Fixed Holy Aura which was reducing allies movement speed as well
-All other invis spells than Shadowrun have a slight movement speed increase of 0.2% per level
-Cosmetic tooltip improvements
-Fixed burn animation which was occasionally granted to both Vampires
-Fixes in Dwarf Defender ultimate

As in every Vampirism map you control either a builder and protect yourself by building a base or a Vampire with your goal to kill anything that is alive. This is an ultimate Vampirism turning simple building and item buying into a constant constant battlefiend providing lot more than just buying items and watching things happening around.

What's different here to other Vampirism Zero maps:

-Rebalanced terrain, single attack spots are provided only at solo spots, two people spots or at weak three people spots.
-Only one lumber base with fair prices which provides balance by not having far too much wood.
-All tomes were moved to ultimate shop which disallows humans just to pump one hero in the beginning of the game (in other versions this is the easiest way of winning for humans, as with massive amount of wood hero is lot stronger than strongest defence).
-Added lots of items with various abilities to provide countless tactics for both humans and vampires.
-Opened gold arena during day and night for both humans and vampires.
-Provide soloing players with solo bonus of +40% damage.
-Gold Income Upgrade availible for Vampires.
-More than one hero class
-Vampires can choose their abilities
-Vampires are provided with ultimate spells as soon as they reach 41 lvl.
-Vampires are provided with Vampire Reincarnation with 300 seconds cooldown.
-Voting system (-votefeed and -votekick)
-Proper trading system (-gg -gl)
-New, very useful party playing with -as command autosending all resources to target player
-Vampire minion has been replaced with Vanquished Builder
-Vanquished Builder is being reshuffled between players once his owner leaves the game

Differences between other Vampirism maps:

-Lumber bases (no lumberjacks) which are clearly indicating for how many players base is made for (many other vampirisms can be misused by players when they build in far too many people in one place).
-Humans main resource is lumber but to tech up they need gold. Gold can be only gained by destroying gold supplier. This requires having heroes, and those if killed are providing killing vampire with +1 wood, which for vampires is necessary to buy better items, this is one of the main aspects of the Vampirism Zero, as Vampire here isn't completely connected to feed, because as much as Humans need gold, Vampires needs gold and wood.
-Killed humans doesn't become a Vampire minion, in here he becomes a Vanquished Builder who is a neutral unit and can help both humans and Vampires by using his special abilities.
-Allowed resource trading - Trade is a key to victory!
-Having a hero is a must, as having a gold from gold deposit is a must.
-Constant gold and experience growth for Vampire, thanks to this game will never stuck, unless Vampire made too many mistakes.

Version History:


- Added new spot
- Rebalanced item's speed bonus
- Rebalanced Lost Souls Vampire can hire
- Fixed hero spawn glitch that used to cause errors


- Fixed leaking resource of Unitary Glory
- Fixed cinematic pinging for all players
- Vanquished Builder is no longer a hero unit
- Fixed Rock Smasher ability


- Fixed mutliboard glitches
- New human hero class
- Minor building price fixes
- Improved solo spots


- Multiboard is remade once -share is finished
- Fixed level 1 Soul Corruption target
- Vanquished Builder will be killed once hit by Sprite Explosion
- Increased altar's size (probably a cause of fatal errors during slayer revival)
- Fixed Guardian's Slow tooltip
- Potion or Armor and Potion of Damage can now be used in cooperation with all items


- Two heroes: Int based Inquisitor and Agi based Raven
- Fixed critical errors that used to be periodically caused by -share command
- Few minor tooltip fixes
- Fixed building critical strike
- Anger of Gods can now be carried by Hero units only
- New item in cheap shop, Mysterious Herbs providing ability that makes Vampire to drop all blood potions
- Blood Potions cannot be picked up by any human unit

- One new hero, Str based Zealot
- Minor price fixes
- Few tooltip fixes
- Added sound effects
- Set up a default loading screen saving loads of map size due to removing previous, high quality one
- Blood potions can now be picked by any human unit
- Mysterious Herbs are now destroying Blood Potions instead of making a Vampire to drop them on the ground

- One new hero, Int based Elementalist
- Fixed multiboard hiding red's resources
- Talisman of three moons now reduces magic damage by 50%
- Extended Spirit Link time
- Increased Shadow Strike damage
- Few tooltip fixes
- One rebalanced spot
- Thunder Clap now ignores Magic Shield
- Increased building prizes

- Increased Slayer's collision size to 32
- Elementalist's Cyclone spell has been replaced with Mirage
- Altar's collision size increased (could have been a cause of a few critical errors)
- New Vampire skin
- Few basic improvements in mutliboard
- Few new sounds

- Three new heroes (Str based Nomad and Viking and Int based Shadow Priestess)
- Vampire's stats have been slightly increased
- For now each hero can be picked only once
- When casting Disarm Lost Soul becomes Visible for 5 seconds
- New reserve command made to reserve a hero
- Few minor tooltip fixes
- Fist of Heavens and Fire Devastation can no longer be casted upon a Vampire with activated Magic Shield

- Fixed Nomad's ultimate spell that was removing Eye of Gods and Power of Heaven once morphed
- Increased altar and tech center size to their originals
- Fixed Raven (-r) reserve command
- Few minor tooltip fixes
- Terrain around Tavern is no longer revealed, only Tavern is visible

- Few new icons
- Altar has been completely removed
- Automated slayer revival system next to tavern using system (base 15 seconds + 1 second per hero level)
- Few minor tooltip fixes
- Inquisitor's Thunder Clap has been replaced with Mana Blast (same effect with increased damage)
- Fixed Elementalist's Mirage timing
- Thanks to removed altar shops are no longer upgradeable, those are availible to be built instead
- Two new items, one in cheap shop, one in expensive
- Slayers no longer gain levels after few seconds after death
- Fixed bug preventing Viking to revive without full mana
- General cleaning up in Upgrade Center
- Inquisitor's Silence has 30 seconds cooldown

- Tiara of Nobility has been replaced with Sacrificial Skull
- Autorevived slayers are now set to hold position and are invunerable until given any other order
- Fixed Ultimate Shadow Strike hotkey
- Fixed Headshot trigger
- Fixed shuffle trigger which was removing all resources from alive Vampire when his ally died
- Fixed critical strike on Claws of Fury which was dealing x2 damage to buildings instead of x3
- Fixed Potion of Speed which at some point of the game wasn't increasing attack speed anymore

- Fixed Soul Ring which wasn't giving +50 armor
- Boosted Wand of Regeneration hitpoints regeneration rate from +75 to +100
- Autorevived heroes cannot attack until are unmuted by giving an order
- Few minor tooltip fixes

- Fixed Anger of Gods skill which wasn't appearing for hero unit
- Few minor terrain changes
- One tooltip change in Ultimate Breath of Frost
- Eye of Gods is no longer a hero spell but Sprite's
- Redone -gg and -gl command
- Fixed a bug where Muted slayers have been following a targeted Vampire

- Increased constant experience growth for Vampire from 90 to 100 every 5 seconds
- Icon changing in multiboard directly related to chosen hero
- Dracula Secret Talisman is now loaded with True Strike ability making Vampire to never miss, mana regeneration has been removed
- Ultimate Shadowrun is now infinite until Vampire attacks or casts a spell and has 20 seconds cooldown
- Redone Bloodlines healing spell*
- Added feature for Vampire to constantly tell what is the current Reincarnation cooldown
- One three player spot redone
- Fixed little bug in -gg command
- Fixed wrong tooltip when Builder was destroying Gold Deposit

*Previous Bloodlines were based on Shadow Hunter's healing wave. It was a common problem when Vampire was healing and animation worked but he just died before spell actually healed him. This wasn't a map problem but a default warcraft spell problem. This has now been redone to have a self cast healing and heals every ally in range of 800. There are adventages and disadventages:

- No need to click anything apart from hotkey
- No jump penalty
- No casting time

- Can misjudge the distance of 800

- Fixed critical bug with Reincarnation cooldown

- Fixed -votefeed command
- Lightning Orb is no longer instantly removing Anti Magic Shield but is dropping it's remaining effect time by a half
- Reincarnation cooldown timer is shown to the Vampires only
- Fixed a bug with all Reserve Buffs disappearing after red player left the game
- Few minor changes in action messages

- Reincarnation cooldown fixed, shows current time only when Vampire is not visible or not fogged
- Elementalist's Breath of Frost has been replaced with Frost Nova
- Banish no longer multiplies damage and healing by x5, from now on x4
- Few cosmetic improvements in mutliboard and messages
- New features in -votefeed command
- Special effects on Bloodlines caster
- Vampire who left the game no longer shows two messages
- Lumber from killed / leaver Vampire is also given to Vampire still in game
- Zealot's Holy Dust deals 3% hp per second instead of 2%
- Guardian's Fist of Heavens deals 25% hp instead of 20%

- Fixed general bug with Frost Nova
- Fixed Multiboard bug which wasn't loaded on initialization
- During protection process Mistress' model was broken, also fixed

- One new hero, Str based Pikeman
- More features in -votefeed
- One new item with Taunt ability - Ventageful Staff availible in Corrupted Merchant
- Frost Nova can now be casted on friendly units as well
- New anti-maphack feature (still in beta state)
- Fixed Viking Seaman's Will spell which was dealing far too much damage

- Mastered anti-maphack test
- Pikeman's Lance Stab has been replaced with Ethereal Force
- Repaired Raven's Shadow Strike
- Few minor buff and tooltip fixes

- Added slow effect to Pikeman's Ethereal Force
- Vanquished Builder now recieves +10 max hitpoints for casting main spells
- Builders that accessed Gold Arena can now blink
- Zealots' dodge if activated will now autocast even if targeted by a spell
- Inquisitor's Silence duration is now 10 second and a cooldown of 25 seconds
- Vampire Soulstone now debuffs for 50 mana per buff
- More features in -votekick system
- Wand of Holy Light now provides a chance to miss of 50%

- Fixed little bug with Blind Vision, Sandstorm and Ethereal Force due to wait function
- Added one new tower (lightning tower)
- General cosmetic improvements
- Improved -votekick command
- Interface changes

- Fixes in Lightning Tower
- Knight's Thorns aura is now in use for all units in range of 300
- All spell's descriptions has been made and new hotkeys applied (Q, W, E, R for all abilities from left to right for both Slayers and Vampires)
- Changed upgrade hotkey for Arrow tower, as before A was overriding attack. A is still in use to build it

- New message features
- Interface changes
- Tooltip fixes
- Vanquished Builder can no loger pray invisible

- New message features
- Vampire killing streak feature
- Few new nice effects around the map
- Fixed Unitary Glory spell for both Humans and Vampires
- Fixes in Vampire Soulstone dispel animation
- Few minor tooltip fixes
- New Vampire cursor
- Polishing interface changes

- Four new heroes (All int based = Gnome Technician, Storm Shaman, Firelord and a Witch)
- Improved Pikeman's Vortex Shield
- Possibility for Vampires to chose skills

- New completely innovative tavern system
- Reserved hero appears in main tavern
- Slayers are unavailable to buy for Vampires
- Fixed spell selection for Vampires
- Fixed Witch Frog Transformation spell
- Fixed Storm Shaman's Tornado and Lightning Storm

- Vanquished Builder is now targetable by Death Coil
- New agi based hero, Hunter
- Balances in item prices
- Dropped Veins of Blood healing power to 600hp/s
- Few fixes in Vampire cash refund
- Storm Shamans tornado now provides him with 95% evasion

- Fixed Veins of Blood
- Redone Shuriken
- Redone Envenomed Dart
- Firelord's Pyro will deal 60 damage for second burn
- Reincarnation Timer will not show during Spiritual Walk
- Spiritual Walk will steal 15% mana +2% x ability level
- Builders will be invulnerable in the start of the game until ordered an action
- Statis Trap range has been increased to 200
- Mine will deal 0.5% damage per level of ability
- Ultimate Mine will deal 7% damage and have it's range doubled
- Fixed Frog Transformation preventing Witch to gain levels when transformed
- Fixed Potion of Damage which wasn't boosting damage when mixed with Blood Potion
- Added all the rest buffs to be removed by Soulstone, for now Entangling Roots, Shuriken, Silence and Electro Shock are irremovable
- New hero, agility based Crusader
- Other Taverns but a main one are no longer clickable
- Two new spells for Vampires, one nuke and one healing spell

-Fixed Shuriken which wasn't disarming Vampire
-Further changes in Reincarnation Timer
-Some tooltip fixes and cosmetic messages changes
-Two new heroes, both Str based, Templar and Dwarf Defender
-4 new spells for Vampires to choose from: One exploring spell, two invisibility spells and one healing spell
-Spiritual Walk cooldowns have been dropped by approximately a half
-Fixes in builder resource refund
-Further fixes in Builder Motivation which before tend to crash the game

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2Vampirism Zero VZP Empty Re: Vampirism Zero VZP on Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:05 am

Best vamp zero map ever Very Happy

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3Vampirism Zero VZP Empty Re: Vampirism Zero VZP on Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:19 am

Where is the download link gone?

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4Vampirism Zero VZP Empty Re: Vampirism Zero VZP on Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:26 am

Today will upload new one. No worries.

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5Vampirism Zero VZP Empty Re: Vampirism Zero VZP on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:07 pm

when is 4.1 released?

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6Vampirism Zero VZP Empty Re: Vampirism Zero VZP on Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:02 am

Right now.

Size is Relative, Energy is Absolute.
Pain is Temporary, Losing is Forever.
Massive Pain is Relatively Short, Powerful Losing is Absolutely Forever.
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